Gardening and Landscaping

Gardening and Landscaping

by FVC Global

Gardening and landscaping – you either love it or hate it!  I actually find this type of work brings out my creative side and it can be very therapeutic; even though there is often some kind of daily war wound.

When someone asks me to do there garden I become very excited because I like to visualise and make happen what the client wants.  The only negative point that ever comes to mind is ‘how has the last person looked after it?’  Most people would class themselves as a gardener, many moons ago I would of thought the same.  You definitely need to have knowledge of the plant life on the Canary Islands including how to prune, cut and generally how to look after desert plants.  I know I have opened a team members eyes on what shouldn’t be done and what must be done.  We have really kept each-others morale up over the past few weeks with laughter, a few short words (to ourselves) but no tears!!  Jodie has been a great asset these past few weeks.

First things first – the plants/trees and bushes on this land are heavily infested with the pest ‘cochineal’. This pest eats all of the goodness out of any plant and left untreated it can kill all of your plantation!  So your plants will become very sick.  We offer a 6 day course to eradicate the unwanted pest!  Here’s a picture:

Image result for cochineal infestation on plants and trees

Here’s some pictures of the before and after gardening and landscaping job:


Gardening and landscaping before Gardening and Landscaping gardening and landscaping after 1


Watch out these can be really deadly if the spike catches you.



Gardening and landscaping 1





A few replanting pictures:

Gardening and landscaping replanting 3 Gardening and landscaping replanting Gardening and Landscaping replanting 2







Gardening and Landscaping at it’s best – plenty more going on in Caleta

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