Oven Cleaning in Corralejo, Fuerteventura

Oven Cleaning in Corralejo, Fuerteventura


It’s not often you get a call to clean an oven but I am always up for a challenge.  When I first met my clients they had told me that they hadn’t been able to use their oven for sometime due to the smell and smoke they got every time they used it. Their regular cleaner did have a go and so did the owner but to no avail.

On inspection  the owner advised it hadn’t been cleaned for numerous years (it wouldn’t be on the top of my list if I were there for my holidays and to be honest it’s not the nicest of jobs).  I had a good look in it and could see that the grill element roof needed cleaning and a film of greace that had gradually collected over the years.  Yep I was up for it, I could give them more years from their current cooker.

Here is what I took with me not forgetting my own muscle:

Oven Cleaning Corralejo Fuerteventura
This is how I did it:

  1.  Horno – similar to Mr Muscle.  Laid newspaper on the floor (supplied by clients)  and sprayed the racking.  Then I released the grill heating element (need to check your oven brand on how to do this safely) and sprayed the inside of the oven  it takes approx. 15 mins to work.
  2. Then I took a rack and started to rigorously scrub with wire wool and applied the  two degreasers – Quitagrass (you can buy this in Mercadona) and Quitagrasa from your local Hondura.  Then resprayed with horno and left  it to work again.
  3. Inside the oven a lot of the dried grease was now a sludge.  I cleaned it away with kitchen roll and started to use my special scraper (these you can buy from Mercadona and they are brilliant).  It was like shedding skin.  I then got a hot soapy bowl of detergent and with my greenie (which is blue) and wire wool I started to scrub. Then I again I sprayed with horno to its magic.
  4. I kept repeating the process until it was totally clean.
  5. Every now and again I did turn on the heat to see if I got the smoke and smell until there was no sign.

I worked like a trojan but I was so pleased with the outcome.  When I turned on the oven and there was just heat but no smell or smoke I had to call in the owners – they were over the moon.

Here’s the before and after pictures:

dirty oven

I happily walked out of there with a sense of achievement but also with happy clients. Job Done!




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