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With so many different options available for swimming pools some do say that tiling is much more expensive than these imported swimming pool liners.  Tiling a swimming a pool is still the most attractive, so this feature blog will be providing you with tips on how you can get the right pool tiles.

At the end you swimming pool will look stunning but also it will be safe to use.  Let’s get started:

  • What’s your budget?

Establishing  a budget at the start will keep you on track with your finances but also it will help when picking your tiles.

  • Safety is Key

When tiling round the outside of the pool, please make sure that you use a slip resistent tile to protect those using it, you can also purchase mat’s (click link here) which are quite common but please don’t us a cheap tile because if you do, you will be sure that someone will have an unkind accident.  Always ask an assistant to show you their range.

  • Lifetime guarantee tiles.

It would be costly and expensive if you will keep on changing your tiles due to damages or fading (Fuerteventura has a hot climate).  It is advisable to get pool tiles that has lifetime guarantee against these, as this will give your pool a lasting appeal and save you money for future property maintenance on your swimming pool.

  • The Design.

You want your swimming pool to always look inviting, so choose a design that will asentuate your pool – don’t choose anything to tricky because it will be more costly due to the amount of waste.

There are much more choice of tiles from plain to decorative ones, you can combine the two but remember a plain tile can be placed in an artistic arrangement to create a visually stunning pool and is the most cost effective.  As a property management company this tip will help with the future sale of your property if that should happen.

  • Tiles inside the pool

You’re best to pick durable tiles inside your swimming pool.  Remember tiles used inside are different to the outside tiles.  Also you wish these to be durable and slip resistent.  If in doubt ask an assistant.

  • Tile colours inside the pool

There is a reason that most floor tiles in a pool are blue or white due the the light reflection as it makes it more attractive and appealing. Blue and white tile are also good for deeper swimming pools because it can distor the tile colour. Avoid using dark colors for the botto of the swimming pool because it will be less evident how deep the pool is and thinking of safety for others including children, I would advise not too.  You can make your pool really stylish by using bright colours and also bring life to the pool.

  • Maintenance

When purchasing your tiles do ask them how you should clean them because your tiles will develop a build up of scum.

  • Installation fo tiles

You can hire a person who is experienced in tiling so making sure you read these hints and tips will ensure you understand that your tiler is doing the right thing.  There are numerous people available to do this in Fuerteventura but like us we are a registered company, please check your tiler’s status, too often I have seen and heard the horror stories and there isn’t a way of getting your money back.  As you are doing now research your tiler like you are doing with your tiles.

Tiling adhesive is really important here, don’t fall for any cheap substitute adhesive because you don’t want to keep repairing tiles that come off.

  •  Mosaic tiles.

Mosaic tiles really are the choice these days but they are flexible to use.  There is now such a great selection to choose from to make your swimming pool look elegant.  Commonly mosaic tiles are make from glass, ceramic or porcelain finishes.

  • Samples.

I would always advise that you collect a selection of tiles so you can actually see them within your home environment, don’t forget lighting in shops can make a tile look different.

I hope this advise has helped you to think about your swimming pool tiling and the do’s and don’t’s!  You want to be able to enjoy your pool for as long as possible without costly maintenance.


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