Chilli Cuttings

A quick update on the chilli cuttings I took at the start of the month. A short while back I wrote about the problem of wind damage to our chilli plants and the cuttings I took from a broken stem. Of the 17 cutting we now have 15 healthy looking little clones of the Mother […]

Bhut Jolokia

Today we are happy to announce four new additions to our family, well our family of chillies that is. As luck would have it our order of chilli seeds have arrived on the same day. Our new chillies for our garden in Fuerteventura are: Bhut Jolokia Moruga Brainstrain Fatalii Rocoto Roja The Bhut Jolokia have been planted […]

Thai Demon Hot Chilli Sauce Recipe

Thai Demon Hot Chilli Sauce Recipe We have now been making this sauce for a number of years and have found that it is a real favourite with our chilli fan’s. For our fantastic recipe, please click the Thai Demon Chilli Sauce link below: Thai Demon Chilli Sauce

Chilli Chutney – Padron Pepper Relish

Chilli Chutney – Padron Pepper Relish Chilli Chutney – Preparations and the end result – Gorgeous Asian taste. Ingredients for Padron Pepper Relish: 250g pepper, 1 x scotch bonnet, 2tbs ground cumin, 1tbs ground turmeric, 1 x large onion, pinch of sea salt, 20g root ginger, 150 ml oil (olive or other). 1tbs brown sugar […]

Chillies in Fuerteventura

Chillies in Fuerteventura Things have been very busy here for us over the last few months, however now the apartment renovation is complete we have a little more spare time to spend on our property, and in particular our garden. For many years now we have been growing our own fruit and vegetables, but our […]