Swimming Pools – Tiling

Swimming Pools in Fuerteventura How to choose swimming pool tiles FVC Global in Fuerteventura Property Management and Maintenance With so many different options available for swimming pools some do say that tiling is much more expensive than these imported swimming pool liners.  Tiling a swimming a pool is still the most attractive, so this feature […]

Chilli Cuttings

A quick update on the chilli cuttings I took at the start of the month. A short while back I wrote about the problem of wind damage to our chilli plants and the cuttings I took from a broken stem. Of the 17 cutting we now have 15 healthy looking little clones of the Mother […]

Property Management and Maintenance – Tiling help

  Property Management and Maintenance – Tiling Help   Step One – Planning Plan carefully before you tile.  Think about how you will tile the area to be used, think about where you will hide those cutting points. On a straight-edged length of timber stick, mark the length of one tile edge, plus one grout […]

Wind damaged Chillies

After a night of strong wind here in Triquivijate one of our Indian chilli plants suffered a bit of damage. Wind here on Fuerteventura is both a blessing for all us windsurfers, but also a curse for all gardeners, and none more so than when you are growing often delicate plant such as chillies. All […]

Cleaning a front loader washing machine

Cleaning a front loader washing machine How to clean a front loader washing machine to eradicate mold and unpleasant smells. Information: front loader washing machines are much more energy efficient, so lets keep it running well. Cleaning your front loader washing machine will keep your machine fresh and you’ll have cleaner clothes. What You’ll Need: […]