Swimming Pools – Tiling

Swimming Pools in Fuerteventura How to choose swimming pool tiles FVC Global in Fuerteventura Property Management and Maintenance With so many different options available for swimming pools some do say that tiling is much more expensive than these imported swimming pool liners.  Tiling a swimming a pool is still the most attractive, so this feature […]

Cleaning a front loader washing machine

Cleaning a front loader washing machine How to clean a front loader washing machine to eradicate mold and unpleasant smells. Information: front loader washing machines are much more energy efficient, so lets keep it running well. Cleaning your front loader washing machine will keep your machine fresh and you’ll have cleaner clothes. What You’ll Need: […]

How to clean a microwave easily

How to clean a microwave easily   The simplest way to clean a microwave is to put a few wet paper towels inside and run it on high for approximately 3 minutes.  The steam from the wet paper towels will soften the dirt.  Once, the inside cools down then you can wipe the inside clean. […]

Catch Up Day 7 and 8 Apartment Refurb

Catch Up Day 7 and 8 Apartment Refurb Catch up day 7 and 8 apartment refurb has definitely seen a tremendous change, hence the reason for having to record two days together because a lot of early starts and late nights. On day 7 the kitchen was delivered and the tiling commenced – great work. […]

Vacaciones Inicio cucaracha Plagas

Vacaciones Inicio cucaracha Plagas Acción Preventiva Holiday plagas de cucarachas en casa esto es una acción preventiva para los propietarios de apartamentos y casas que no están en la Isla para comprobar regularmente su propiedad. Creo que todo el mundo estaría de acuerdo en que son criaturas feas que haría que la piel de gallina […]