Swimming Pools – Tiling

Swimming Pools in Fuerteventura How to choose swimming pool tiles FVC Global in Fuerteventura Property Management and Maintenance With so many different options available for swimming pools some do say that tiling is much more expensive than these imported swimming pool liners.  Tiling a swimming a pool is still the most attractive, so this feature […]

How to clean a microwave easily

How to clean a microwave easily   The simplest way to clean a microwave is to put a few wet paper towels inside and run it on high for approximately 3 minutes.  The steam from the wet paper towels will soften the dirt.  Once, the inside cools down then you can wipe the inside clean. […]

How to remove red wine

How to remove red wine by FVC Global If you spill red wine the key to removing it is by acting quickly, while it’s still wet.  We do have a tip for red wine that is dry but if you can catch it at its earliest stage, you will have success. Red wine (wet) Make […]

Coffee and Tea stains removal

Coffee and tea stains removal by FVC Global. Coffee and tea stains removal can often ruin your best garment -here’s a great laundry stain removal tip on how to remove these stains: Flush the area with vinegar to remove the stain. Rinse and repeat as needed. Then, wash as usual. Aquí está una gran mancha […]

Burnt pots and pans how to clean

Burnt pots and pans how to clean by FVC Global – see our top tip below: Burnt pots and pans – How to clean burnt pots and pans successfully following this step by step process – add one cup of water and a cup of vinegar, bring this to the boil. Then, add 3 table spoons […]